Hammered Copper Hair Fork


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A simple and elegant way to keep your hair up. This hair fork is curved to conform to the shape of your head, making it comfortable and surprisingly secure to wear all day. It is made from copper, with a pretty hammered texture. The hair fork is appropriate for all hair types! If you can twist your hair into a bun, it will work.

Choose your size (send note at checkout. If no size is specified a medium will be sent)

Small: for thin hair or for half up hair

Medium: this size works for most. Short to long hair

Large: for very long and thick hair

To use, twist your hair into a bun. Start with the hair fork upside down and insert into the top portion of your bun. Flip the fork and slide  beneath the bun grabbing the hair underneath. To finish, push the fork tips back out through the bottom portion of your bun. ( it’s just like using a hair stick or pencil, but with a curve resting against your head)


Small, Medium, Large


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